This is Sarah-Jayne. Sarah-Jayne is a rare breed, she is definitely a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of girl If Sarah-Jayne says that she doesn’t give a fuck, then she really really doesn’t give a fuck. If you ask Sarah-Jayne a question you will get an honest, no holds barred answer. Sarah-Jayne could not give a shit if her answer offends you, that’s on you for asking in the first place….so suck it up. If Sarah-Jayne has spotted your boyfriend getting it on with someone else, Sarah-Jayne is going to tell you. That’s not to say that Sarah-Jayne is unkind, or mean or wants to make you feel bad, Sarah-Jayne will also mop your tears, give you the BEST cuddle, make you a phenomenal cheese toast and then list all the reasons why your now ex boyfriend is a such a pointless wanker..…AND she’ll set you up with her hottest single friend to boot. Wouldn’t life be easier if there were more Sarah-Jaynes in the World


Sarah-Jayne is an original acrylic painting by Nicola Hallman, on A3 canvas paper




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