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Pip & Betty

Betty met Pip by chance when she was just 17 years old.  She had been shopping for a bridesmaid outfit for her sister Freida’s forthcoming wedding and got stuck in her dress after the zip broke.  Betty missed her train home so had to board the next bus to her hometown.  

Pip had managed to sneak out of work early. His Boss at the local Solicitors firm was on a conference in Clacton on Sea and wouldn’t be in the office for a couple of days.  Pip just managed to catch the earlier bus, and sat opposite the most beautiful girl in the world for twenty glorious stops.

And sadly that was that….they didn’t see each other again for a good few years, despite Betty opting more for the bus than the train, and Pip getting off at Betty’s stop every few weeks for a nice stroll before heading home….but they thought of each other often.

Life went on, each had partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés but neither married, neither was ready to settle down, neither had found their soulmate.  In addition, the 1960’s were in full ‘swing’ and so were Pip & Betty!  Eventually, their faces collided in a haze of weed and hedonism at a Folk festival on the other side of the country.  Betty did not need her tent that weekend, or indeed the following weekend, or the weekend after that.  So began their beautiful life together….

Marriage, children, losses, grandchildren, redundancies, illnesses, money problems, bereavements, and a very bad run of form for Pip’s favourite football team, none of it mattered when he had Betty by his side, and vice versa.  They just loved, and giggled, and talked, and fooled around, and walked hand in hand together, and once the kids were asleep they went to town on each other.  

Today Pip & Betty take life a bit slower, but aside from that little has changed in their hearts.  It’s been told that every so often Pip will grab a pop up two-man tent, a tambourine and his beautiful wife and head for the nearest open space, so if you hear a jingling in the distance, and a round of cheeky giggles, best check your back garden for intruders!!


'Pip & Betty'

  • Every care will be taken when pckaging and posting you item.  Your print will be sealed in a poly wallet and sent in a cardboard protected envelope



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