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This is Francesca


Francesca is fine. Honestly, Francesca is really fine, please don’t worry about Francesca, she’s okay. Francesca doesn’t need any help thank you, really, thank you, honestly she’s fine.Francesca is not fine. If Francesca had to compare herself to anything, Francesca is an iPhone with every single app open draining the battery. Francesca is completely overwhelmed, probably depressed, definitely anxiety ridden, and Francesca does not know which way to turn. Everybody has always thought that Francesca is the most together person they know. Francesca is the person that other people seek advice/help from. Francesca cannot ask for help, she just doesn’t know how.We have to hope and pray that Francesca sees all of her people, all those that love her, all those that want to help her, and sees the genuine offers of help, and just once is able to pip out a tiny little ‘yes I need help'


Francesca is an original acrylic painting by Nicola Hallman, 25cm x 30cm




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