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This is Alicia.  Alicia never ever expected life to pan out the way it did.  As the only child of a world famous business tycoon and his actress wife she always had the best of everything and wanted for nothing.  She attended lavish balls in the most beautiful of gowns, and rubbed shoulders and groins with the most eligible bachelors in the land.  Nothing was ever refused her.  She felt lucky because she was told she was lucky by everyone.  She was told she was beautiful, she was even put on a list of hottest ‘available ’ single women.  When she was told she had gained a few pounds, had let herself go and was a disgrace to the personal chefs, handful of trainers  and millions of pounds lavished upon her Alicia simply turned and walked away.  She now lives in a tiny coastal village in the middle of nowhere, where nobody even looks twice as she skips past in her pj bottoms, vest top and flip flops. She really does feel like the luckiest girl on Earth



Alicia is a vibrant original acrylic painting by Nicola Hallman, on canvas paper 23cm x 30cm



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